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Our organization

The diverse nature and wide geographic spread of rainfed environments make it essential that research be carried out in partnership with NARES, drawing on local scientific expertise and farmers’ indigenous knowledge. CURE is a platform within which NARES and IRRI researchers can partner together with farmers and extension workers to tackle key problems at sites representative of the diverse ecosystems.

Operational mechanism of CURE

CURE’s strategy involves on-site farmer participatory research linking scientists from NARES, international research centers, and advanced research institutions by using a multidisciplinary approach for technology generation, validation, and dissemination. At IRRI, CURE operates keeping in mind the goal of raising productivity in rainfed environments. This goal is made operational by entities such as the Asian NARES, the CURE Steering Committee, and the Consortium Coordinating Unit. To get the goal anchored on the ground, four working groups roll out research and development on improved stress-tolerant rice varieties.