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Submergence-tolerant rice varieties

Submergence-tolerant varieties released. To date, CURE and its NARES partners have released a total of 21 submergence-tolerant varieties.

List of submergence-tolerant varieties with the sub1 gene released from 2009-2013.
 Country  Variety  Year released
 Bangladesh  BINA dhan 11  2013
   BINA dhan 12  2013
   BRRI dhan 52  2011
   BRRI dhan 51  2010
 India  Samba Mahsuri-sub1  2013
   Narendra Jal Pushp   2009
  Narendra Mayank   2009
   Narendra Nariani  2009
  Swarna-Sub1   2009
 Indonesia Inpari 29 (Rendaman)   2012
   Inpari 30 (Ciherang-Sub1)  2012
   Inpara 1  2009
   Inpara 2  2009
   Inpara 3  2009
   Inpara 4 (Swarna-Sub1)  2009
   Inpara 5 (IR64-Sub1)  2019
 Myanmar  Yemyoke khan saba (Swarna-Sub1)  2012
 Nepal  BINA dhan 12  2013
   Samba Mahsuri-Sub1  2012
   Swarna-Sub1  2012
 Philippines  Submarino (IR64-Sub1)  2009

The sub1 gene. Submergence-tolerant rice contains the submergence 1 (SUB1) gene that allows it to survive 10–14 days of complete submergence and to renew growth when the water subsides.

SUB1, or more specifically the Sub 1A gene, is an ethylene-response-factor-like gene that confers submergence tolerance on rice. It acts mainly by decreasing rice sensitivity to ethylene, a plant hormone that promotes processes causing plants to elongate, lose their stored energy, and degrade their chlorophyll.

However, the duration of survival is also influenced by environmental factors such as water turbidity, temperature, and light, and other factors such as seedling age. Plants become more tolerant as they get older.

Countries. India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, and Vietnam