These resources refer to packaged or individual information/knowledge assets of CURE which are ready for sharing to partner-countries and other interested clients. These include among others: photos, videos, publications, and database.

CURE Information System (Database)

A strategy to systematize and institutionalize regional data and information collection in unfavorable rice environments.
Information related to the research and development activities in the region is scattered among institutions - this mechanism aims to integrate efforts in information collection and dissemination in participating CURE countries.


These come in the form of printed matters, CD/web, social media and other KM products.

Annual Reports
Brochures, Posters and other Infographics


Photos here are either taken by CURE coordinating unit or those shared by the country partners.


Videos here are those pertaining to accomplishments in the CURE sites, e.g. the Arakan Community-Based Seed System.