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13th Review, Planning, and Steering Committee Meeting


Day 1: Field visit
Day 1: Field Visit

Day 2: Inaugural Session
Day 2: Inaugural Session

Day 2: Dinner at Danabeach
Day 2: Dinner at Danabeach

Day 3: Information Session


How to Grow Rice by IFAD
"Making Good Things Grow" by IFAD

Video message from IRRI
"Video message from Dr. Matthew Morell (Deputy Director General for Research, IRRI)" by IRRI

Climate-smart villages
"Climate-smart villages" by CGIAR CCAFS

Field visit to salt-affected rice fields in Quang Nam province, Vietnam
"Field visit to salt-affected rice fields in Quang Nam province" by CURE

Workgroup Reports

Workgroup 1: Drought - Terminal Report (Download)

Workgroup 2: Submergence - Terminal Report (Download)

Workgroup 3: Salinity - Terminal Report (Download)

Workgroup 4: Upland - Terminal Report (Download)

*Printed copies are also available for workgroup members.  Please ask your respective workgroup leader.

13th SC Meeting
Participants to the 13th Review, Planning and Steering Committee Meeting
Brilliant Hotel, Da Nang City, Central Vietnam

Decades ago, the science community dreamed of enhancing the quality of life for the smallhold farmers in fragile rice ecosystems. The challenge continues even to this day, with a lot more difficulty because of the ever-fluctuating climatic conditions. But breakthroughs in varietal development and packaging of best crop management options have favorably provided significant leaps in solving low yields because of abiotic and biotic stresses in rice fields.  Read more >>


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Online Directory

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April 7, Monday

Arrival of participants. Working Groups are encouraged to hold preliminary meetings with their partners in the afternoon.

April 8, Tuesday

Field visit to Quang Nam with salinity problem (saltwater intrusion). Meeting with farmers and local leaders, commune staff, local extension workers, scientists from ASISOV, NOMAFSI and DARD. 

"Field visit to salt-affected rice fields in Quang Nam province" by CURE

April 9, Wednesday

Inaugural Session

 Title Key PersonDownload link
Day 1 presentations (All)
 Opening remarks

 Dr. Digna Manzanilla
 Scientist and CURE Coordinator, IRRI

 Welcome remarks: The host and Vietnam representative to the CURE Steering Committee (SC)

 Dr. Nguyen Van Tuat
 CURE SC Member, Vice President of VAAS
 Introduction of participants Dr. Digna Manzanilla

 Inspirational message from IFAD
 Dr. Ganesh Thapa
 Senior Economist, IFAD-APR

 Watch video
 Video message from IRRI Dr. Matthew Morell
 Deputy Director General for Research, IRRI

 Watch video
 Keynote address Dr. Nguyen Nhu Cuong
 Deputy Director of Sciences, Technology and Environment Department, MARD

 Introduction to the meeting (Objectives and highlights of events)

 Dr. Digna Manzanilla

 Working Group 1: Drought-prone lowlands Dr. Yoichi Kato
 Rainfed Agronomist (Southeast Asia) and CURE-IFAD Project on Drought, Project Leader, IRRI

 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh

 Senior Plant Breeder

WG NARES-partners, IRRI

 Working Group 2: Submergence-prone lowlands Dr. Abdelbagi Ismail
 Principal Scientist

 WG NARES-partners, IRRI

 Working Group 3: Salinity-prone lowlands Dr. Glenn Gregorio
 Senior Plant Breeder and Deputy Head (PBGB-IRRI)

 WG NARES-partners, IRRI
 Working Group 4: Rice-based Uplands Dr. Casiana Vera Cruz
 Senior Plant Pathologist

 WG NARES-partners, IRRI

 Working Group on Climate Change: Updates on related activities on climate change Dr. Agnes Padre
 Consultant, Climate Change Group

 Dr. Trinh Thi Sen
 Lecturer, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry

 Climate change and heat-tolerance in rice Dr. Bui Chi Buu
 Head Breeding National Project Director, Institute of Agricultural Science of Southern Vietnam (IAS)

 Short wrap-up Dr. David E. Johnson
 Head, CESD-IRRI and Program Leader, GRiSP Theme 3


April 10, Thursday

Information Session

 Title Key Person
 Download link

 Opening remarks and presentation on the research direction for fragile rice environments amid variability in climate

 Dr. David Johnson

 Summary of achievements and what lies ahead: Overall achievements of CURE, new initiatives and approaches

 Dr. Digna Manzanilla Download

Videos in the presentation

Link to the database

 Partnerships and link to national programs: Projects, national programs, policy initiatives for generation and delivery of technologies in difficult rice ecosystems: The Vietnam experience

 Dr. Nguyen Van Tuat
 CURE SC Member, Vice president of VAAS
 Rice variety development, quality, and value chain development 

 Dr. Casiana Vera Cruz
 Project Leader, IRRI

 Dr. Digna Manzanilla


 Communicating science-based knowledge Dr. Lorna Calumpang
 Communication and Extension Specialist, CURE

 Enhancing local capacity for innovation and resilience: Climate smart village - CCAFS' new initiative Mr. Ngo Duc Minh
 Associate Scientist, CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security


Video in the presentation
 Seed systems and enabling mechanisms: Effective seed system for South Asia: enabling policies and public-private sector involvement Dr. Abedel Ismail
 Principal Scientist, IRRI and Coordinator, STRASA
 General discussion

 Dr. Rosa Fe Hondrade
Professor, University of Southern Mindanao, and collaborator for working group for the uplands, Philippines

 Closing remarks

 Dr. Ganesh Thapa