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CURE, DA-CAR & PhilRice partners host Knowledge Management workshop for the Heirloom Rice Project

Do we have enough skills to capture and share knowledge?

Participants of KM Workshop and Capacity Development
Knowledge Management Workshop and Capacity Development for the Heirloom Rice Project
Azalea Residences, Baguio City, Philippines, 9-11 September 2014

Projects to be successful need a well crafted KM plan. The CURE - Heirloom Rice Project, together with the Department of Agriculture - Cordillera Administrative Region (DA-CAR) and Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), conducted the Knowledge Management and Capacity Development Workshop last  September 9-11 at the Azalea Residences in Baguio City.  View photo album>>


At the end of the workshop, the participants were able to:
  • Understand the role of knowledge management and communication in Heirloom Rice Project development branding, and marketing
  • Acquire knowledge and skills on production of communication collateral
  • Develop one communication collateral during the workshop
  • Develop a one-year KM plan (2014-2015) for Heirloom Rice in support of the Biological and socioeconomic components


Thirty four research and LGU staff, composed of 22 female and 12 male, from the provincial and municipal agricultural offices in four provinces (Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mountain Province), PhilRice, DA-CAR, and IRRI participated in the workshop.  

View complete list of participants:


Topics covered were: The role of KM for the HR project; overview of HR project and how KM can be synched with the biological and socioeconomic components; methods, tools, and collaterals of communication; elements of design, branding and easy recall; photo and video documentation; idea to production of catalogue; and capturing information and process documentation.  View program>>

Dr. Digna Manzanilla, CURE coordinator and co-project leader of the Heirloom Rice Project

Dr. Lorna Calumpang, CURE communication specialist, together with the participants

Day 1 (September 9)


 Key Person

 Download Link

 Background: Review about Heirloom Rice Project and the Role of KM/Communications

 Dr. Lorna Calumpang Presentation Download>>
 Communicating Heirloom: Rice Insights and Inspiration

This module talks about Why Communication is a "must" companion of Heirloom Rice. Concepts such as knowledge, attitudes, skills, barriers, and communication outcomes (future insights) is discussed in this session 

 Dr. Tony Lambino (via recorded message) Video message from Tony Lambino, Head of Communication, IRRI.

Watch the video>>

 The Heirloom Project: Overview and How KM can be synched with the Biological and socioeconomic component

In this session, Dr. Digna Manzanilla shared with participants the respective workplans of the Biological and Socioeconomic components. She also discussed the deliverables of the project which KM/Communications can support. This module serves as a basic reference for participants when they start preparing for their KM workplan.

 Dr. Digna Manzanilla Presentation Download>>
 KM and Communication for Heirloom Rice: Methods, Tools, and Collaterals

This module discusses KM and Communication Methods, Tools, and Collaterals that are useful for capturing and documenting relevant information about Heirloom Rice Varieties

 Dr. Lorna Calumpang Presentation Download>>

 Additional reference:
 Straight to the Point: Evaluation of IEC Materials (by Pathfinder International) Download>>
 Planning workshop (by group)


Group sessions on KM planning

Day 2 (September 10)


 Key Person 

 Download Link

 Elements of Design, Branding and Easy Recall: One one-look communication collaterals

 Mr. Grant "Gatty" Leceta Folder View>>
 Skills Development: Tips on Photo and Video Documentation

 Ms. Jessieca "Jec" Narciso Rice Photos View>>

 Rice Videos View>>

 Story of Thema Watch>>
 Coca Cola OFW Ad Watch>>
 12:51 Music video Watch>>

 Exercise: Photo capture

 Best Practices: Tips, from Idea to Production of Catalogue

 Ms. Bianca Ferrer Presentation Download>>
 Capturing Information from Community People: Process Documentation (PD) using IFAD data capture on Upscaling of Success Stories/Best Practices

 Dr. Lorna Calumpang Pre-testing Communication Materials (by Jacqueline Devine, WSP) Download>>

 Communication Pretesting, Needs Assessment (by The Johns Hopkins University and Jane Bertrand) Download>>

 Exercise: Creating agreed outlines/templates across provinces in information capture 


Skills development exercise: Photo capture

Day 3 (September 11)

A. Presentation of KM Plans


 Key Person/Presenter

 Download Link


 Hanah Biag-ManaloGroup presentation View>>
 Kalinga Mars Paroy, Jr.Group presentation View>>
 Benguet Christine Grace SidchoganGroup presentation View>>
 Ifugao Jennelyn Abluyan
 Avelino Lunag, Jr.
Group presentation View>>
 Mt. Province Jovita CamsoGroup presentation View>>
 DA-CAR Maria Isabel ZabalaGroup presentation View>>

Presentation of KM Plans

Let's vote! Heirloom Rice tagline

B. Review: Brochures & Leaflets

Workshop: Creating Communication Collateral – participants can choose a flyer and a poster. 
Group output View folder>>

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