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The 11th Review and Steering Committee Meeting

The 11th CURE Review and Steering Committee (SC) Meeting was organized to share and discuss among member-nations the accomplishments, experiences, learning, and challenges of the previous year as well as the plans for the coming year.  In the history of CURE’s being, this year stands witness to its ten years of existence as a premier network, dedicated to bringing solutions to low productivity in fragile rice environments.  The meeting also sets a background for the mini-symposium, with the theme:  “Last mile delivery of seeds and crop management through partnerships:  improving food security and livelihoods.”

IMPORTANT:  Below are topics presented during the meeting. To download a copy of the presentation, if available, click 'download'. To get a copy of the full program, click here.


 Participants to the field visit at the Prachinburi Rice Research Center (PRRC) in Thailand.
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25 April (Wednesday)  Field Visit
 Field Visit to Prachinburi Rice Research Center (PRRC) for submergence tolerant rice varieties research activities, and briefing on Thailand National Rice Program.

 26 April (Thursday)  Inauguration Session, and Status/Synthesis Reports from Working Groups
 Workgroup 1: Drought-prone lowlands (Download)
 Workgroup 2: Submergence-prone lowlands (Download)
 Workgroup 3: Salt-affected environments (Download)
 Workgroup 4: Upland systems (Download | Videos: 1  2  3  4)
 Workgroup on climate change: Climate change and land use in the Mekong Delta (Download)

 27 April (Friday)  Mini Symposium 1: Extending Technology Options to Development Partners
 Grant-investment projects partnerships in Nepal and India: The case of CURE-ICIMOD TIS
 B Adhikari, Y Rambaran, RK Sarma, A Pattanayak, C Vera Cruz, D Manzanilla, S Haefele, D Johnson

 IFAD grant and investment projects partnership in the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Indonesia
 N Desamero, Z Zaini, LQ Doanh, NW Zaidi, C Vera Cruz, D Manzanilla, D Johnson 

 Lessons learned and innovations: what worked and did not work, and how to upscale innovations

 Discussions: How can we enhance the linkages between grant activities and IFAD investment projects in different countries

 Mini Symposium 2: Enhancing Access to Seeds and Adoption of Stress-tolerant varieties
 Early spread of stress-tolerant varieties in partner countries and benefits to men and women farmers
 D Manzanilla, K Douangsila, BB Adhikari, A Rahman

 Seed multiplication and impact of stress-tolerant varieties in South Asia
 U Singh, MH Dar, A Ismail

 Scaling up CURE technologies and experiences through direct link with national program on rice: the case of the Philippines
 J Lapitan, E Rasco

 Bringing into fruition the community, formal and private initiatives in seed systems: the case of the Lao PDR
 K Douangsila

 Enhancing farmers' access to seeds of submergence-tolerant rice varieties in Indonesia
 H Sembiring

 Discussions and country brief sharing of upscaling and outscaling strategies
 Comments and insights
 G Castillo

 CURE Steering Committee Meeting
 CURE highlights in 2011 and comments/discussions on CURE progress
 D Johnson, D Manzanilla