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Field visit to salt-affected rice fields in Quang Nam province, Vietnam

Experts visited the salt-affected rice fields in Binh Giang commune, Quang Nam province in Central Vietnam during CURE's 13th Review, Planning and Steering Committee Meeting, 8-10 April 2014, Da Nang City.

Introduction to Nutrient Manager for Rice in rainfed areas in Victoria, Tarlac

Nutrient Manager for Rice is an interactive, computer-based decision tool that was developed to help agricultural extension workers, crop advisors, and farmers come up with tailor-made fertilizer guidelines based on responses to questions on conditions of a specific rice field, like crop yield, duration of the variety, crop residue management, amount and quality of added organic materials, nutrient inputs from sediments and seasonal flooding, and expected availability of water for the growing season.

Upland Rice Farmers' Field Day and Mini-Seed Fair, 27 August 2012

This video highlights activities during the Upland Rice Farmers' Field Day at Poblacion, Arakan, Cotabato, Philippines, on 27 August 2012.

Heirloom Rice: People, Place, Purpose

Read more about heirloom rice in Rice Today magazine:

Ifugao Heirloom Rice Production ‎‎(Land Preparation)‎‎

In preparing their fields for planting rice, the indigenous peoples of Ifugao make the most out of the weeds that they gather to grow other crops that would supplement their diet. Watch this video that the farmers themselves produced to learn more about this practice.

Lamjung's Community Seed Banking Experience

Under the CURE, seed producers' groups were formed in districts in Nepal.

Look back at how rice farmers, especially women, have secured seeds for tomorrow.

Community Seed Banking in Arakan, Cotabato

About 80% of the seed requirement of farmers come from their own seeds saved. Watch why securing seeds for the future is of value to Arakan Valley farmers.